Cross-Realmin’ With the Bear Himself

30 07 2012

So here’s the deal:  I have had the opportunity to raid with my all time favorite Druid blogger, Big Bear Butt.  My thoughts about it?  I’m ecstatic.  While I can’t say that I learned everything I know from him, I certainly learned a lot about the bear mindset by reading his blog.  Great stuff, great stuff…

OH!  And I’ve had the chance to meet many of the others readers of his blog.  I’ve been very impressed with the quality of individuals who have been showing up for raid nights and have been thoroughly enjoying myself.  We push through the nights at a swift pace and discuss strategies on completing achievements.

Have a look for yourself.  Below is our Lich King kill in normal mode.  For those who were there and may be watching this, I apologize for the game audio not being present.  I was rushing to get the game recorder installed (recent computer wipe) and did not set the audio properties correctly.  I’ve overlayed some raid music I listen to when raiding.  My apologies again for taking longer than expected to get the video up.

We should be attempting the Heroic 25 man in the next few weeks.  I’ll post that kill once I have the footage.


Mists of Pandaria Release Date

25 07 2012

Some exciting news just dropped from the page earlier today.  World of Warcraft MoP’s release date will be on 9/25/12.  That’s right, we all have a solid date to look forward to and prepare for.  You can purchase the digital download right now if you want, or you can wait for the discs in store.  (

What will I be doing as the date approaches?  Mostly just continuing to assist running casual guildies through Dragon Soul on Friday nights and not log on much the rest of the week.  However, now that there is a definate date, I may work on stockpiling all those herbs I’ve been threatening myself with.  I can forsee current cata herbs being used heavily by Alchemists and Scribes to get some easy and quick profession levels before expanding into the MoP herbs.

What do you planned to do in preparation for the MoP release?  Have you been steady stocking up on those cloths?  Perhaps you’ve just been grinding out for enough gold to purchase those new mounts  Whatever it is, share it below.

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