(Under Construction) Restoration Druid Guide 5.2


.Single Target Direct

Nourish – A small and inexpensive with a relatively long cast time of 2.5 seconds.  It will heal targets for an additional 20% if a Regrowth, Rejuvination, Lifebloom, or Wild Growth is present on the target.  This spell will not be used heavily in raid environments due to the level of incoming damage, though I often use it when low on mana or to refresh Lifebloom.  Refreshes Lifebloom.  Activates Harmony.

Healing Touch – A large and expensive heal with a relatively long cast time of 2.5 seconds.  This spell has a very high Healing per Mana.  You can use this spell when someone has taken significant damage and will remain alive long enough for you to cast the spell.  Refreshes Lifebloom.  Activates Harmony.

Regrowth – A fast and expensive heal with a shorter cast time of 1.5 seconds.  This spell heals for an initial amount and places a 6 second HoT on the target that continues to heal.  This 6 second HoT will automatically refresh if it heals a target at or below 50% health.  This spell also has a 60% increased chance to crit.  Refreshes Lifebloom.  Activates Harmony.

Swiftmend – This spell can be activated on a target that has a Rejuvination or the HoT component of Regrowth on them.  Swiftmend heals the target for a large amount and procs Efflorescence.  Activates Harmony.

.Single Target HoTs

Lifebloom – A small HoT with a 15 second duration.  Can be stacked up to 3 times on a single target with each stack increasing the power of the HoT ticks.  When Lifebloom expires it heals the target for a large amount; this is known as the “Bloom.”  Benefits from Harmony.  Refreshed by Healing Touch, Nourish, and Regrowth.

Rejuvenation – Heals that target for a small amount every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.  This is the bread and butter of your raid healing spells and will normally be in the top 3 most healed spells.  The mana cost for this spell is high and can be difficult to spam at lower gear levels.  Benefits from Harmony.  Builds Mushrooms.

.AoE Heals

Efflorescence – Procs from Swiftmend and places a green circle 16 yards in diameter on the ground for 7 seconds.  Up to three of the most injured targets standing within the green circle will be healed for a small amount every second so long as they are within the circle and the circle is active.  Targets affected by Efflorescence may change as healing occurs.

Wild Growth – This spell heals up to 5 targets within 30 yards of the target for a medium amount over 7 seconds.  Wild Frowth is interesting in that it is a HoT that ticks quickly at first and slows down over the length of its duration.  This spell is considered a “smart” heal and will prioritize healing the most injured targets within range.  Do note that Wild Growth may not always place a hot on the target your cast it on if 5 more injured targets are within30 yards of the initial target you cast the spell on. 8 second cooldown.  Benefits from Harmony.

Wild Mushrooms – Place up to 3 mushrooms on the ground that last for 5 minutes.  Mushrooms can be placed in the same spot or spread out to hit multiple locations.  Using your Wild Mushroom: Bloom ability will bloom these mushrooms, causing them to heal all targets within 8 yards for a small amount.  These mushrooms can be buffed by the Rejuvenation overheals.  25% of Revenation overheals are transferred to the mushrooms allowing each mushroom to gain up to 33% of your health in bonus healing per mushroom.  This bonus healing is also split among all targets within 8 yards.  This can be a great spell to use during a raid stack phase or to place under the tanks and activate as needed.  I have seen these crit for as high as 600k for one mushroom on a single target.  Bloom effect activates Harmony.

Tranquility – Your big healing cooldown, this spell can be used every 3 minutes while in Restoration spec.  Heals 5 targets within 40 yeards every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.  Additionally, every time the channel ticks on targets (4 ticks in 8 seconds, 5 targets, 20 ticks total) a Tranquility buff is placed on the target that continues to heal the target every 2 seconds for 8 seconds; this buff stacks from the ticks of the channeled tranquility and can stack up to 3 times on a single target.  This is also a “smart” heal and will prioritize targets with lowest health; if a target is being healed by the channeled effect of Tranqility and their health rises above another target, Tranquility will prioritize the other low health target.  Buff stacks are applied by Tranquility ticks and will not move targets once placed.


Barkskin – A personal damage reduction on a 1 minute cooldown, this reduces damage taken by 20% for 12 seconds.  While this is active, attacks from enemies will not cause “pushback,” delays in spellcasting.  You can use this ability even if you are asleep, feared, frozen, incapacitated, or stunned.  You can use this ability in any form.

Ironbark – 12 second 20% damage reduction that can be cast on a target.  This is on a 2 minute cooldown.  This is a good spell to place on tanks to reduce damage spikes or on cooldown to decrease healing load.









Healing Roles





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