Proving Grounds

1 08 2013

So here are some videos I recorded showing the proving grounds and discussing changes to the Resto Druid spec. Enjoy.




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31 08 2013

Hey Goose, this looks like it was before the PG nerf. Have you tested Endless after they made it easier? It sure looks like a lot of damage going out compared to my attempts 2-3 days ago. At least the tank taunted faster than he did in your videos so something definitely changed.

Also, what talents you got? (I didn’t watch your bronze, silver and gold videos, maybe you talk about about talents there)

31 08 2013

I have not. I know they were talking about some damage reductions, but I haven’t been on much since those videos were recorded. Work and raid has been keeping me pretty busy, lol.

Talents are discussed in the first video as well as glyphs. It’s a bit of rambling on my part, I know, but I discuss them a bit there. For a quick rundown, I’m pretty sure I was running the following in the video:

Feline Swiftness
Mass Entanglement
Soul of the Forest
Disorienting Roar
Dream of Cenarius

Feel free to review the first couple of vids.

31 08 2013

I’ll take a look when I get home. I made a thread about PGs on MMO recently. I’d love to hear how other Druids have been doing but it seems not many are interested, or perhaps they haven’t been on the PTR yet.

I didn’t try the PGs before the nerf so I’m really not sure how drastic the changes are.

31 08 2013

And I’ll see about running some Endless attempts when I get home. I may FRAPS it, but we’ll see how it goes.

Overall I’m not seeing alot of activity from Druids outside of a few Feral and Balance discussions on MMO-Champion. I’m honostly very surprised that Resto Druids aren’t more vocal. I only recently started trying to get active in the community and…well…it’s been quiet outside of the blogs that I follow reguarly.

31 08 2013

Even the known blogs are quiet. Seems like Resto Druids deserted the internet. Hopefully they’ll return in 5.4. I’d record my attempts in Endless but I’m no expert with computers and I’ve no clue where to start. But yeah, I was trying to get a disgussion going with that post. It’s on the second page now. I also posted on the druid EU battlenet forum.

31 08 2013

Cool, cool. Well, if you have a blog feel free to link it here. I’ll read it and put you in my links. Elune knows we need more active RDruid bloggers.

1 09 2013

Nah, I don’t have anything like that. I might try FRAPS soon though. Get some videos going perhaps 🙂

1 09 2013

Goose, I’m guessing they’re plenty of updated videos out there by now, but if you wanna have a look, here’s my very first YouTube video 😉

Endless wave 1-10

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