Mech Warrior Online

31 08 2013

So it’s been pretty busy on this end between work and raiding, but I have managed to squeeze in some Mech Warrior Online time. I highly recommend this title as, 1, it’s free and 2, it’s fun.

With some time since my last post and 2 drafts in the works but nothing finalized, I figured I’d drop you some mechanized eye-candy. So, without further ado, here’s the link to some footage shot of some buds and I.


Lei Shen Is Dead (Video Included)

19 08 2013

Two words: Hell, yeah.

So after progressing through Durumu and killing Primoridius and Dark Animus for 2 weeks, my raid team starting extending our lockout. We agreed we would hold the lockout until Lei Shen died. Well, folks, 2 weeks later, he’s dead.

Allow me to send a major shoutout to my raid:

Trespando – Paladin, Tank
Beernaked – Druid, Tank
Killercroc – Warrior, DPS
Kateara – Rogue, DPS
Ivarrikka – Monk, DPS
Valente – Priest, DPS
Flashbolt – Priest, DPS
Thelon – Shaman, Healer
Zekwu – Monk, Healer
Gooseigaly – Druid, Healer

It was an absolute privilege to be able to raid with you guys and I look forward to 5.4.

For those wondering, I still have Iron Quan and Twin Consorts to upload.

Proving Grounds

1 08 2013

So here are some videos I recorded showing the proving grounds and discussing changes to the Resto Druid spec. Enjoy.

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