Cross-Realmin’ With the Bear Himself

30 07 2012

So here’s the deal:  I have had the opportunity to raid with my all time favorite Druid blogger, Big Bear Butt.  My thoughts about it?  I’m ecstatic.  While I can’t say that I learned everything I know from him, I certainly learned a lot about the bear mindset by reading his blog.  Great stuff, great stuff…

OH!  And I’ve had the chance to meet many of the others readers of his blog.  I’ve been very impressed with the quality of individuals who have been showing up for raid nights and have been thoroughly enjoying myself.  We push through the nights at a swift pace and discuss strategies on completing achievements.

Have a look for yourself.  Below is our Lich King kill in normal mode.  For those who were there and may be watching this, I apologize for the game audio not being present.  I was rushing to get the game recorder installed (recent computer wipe) and did not set the audio properties correctly.  I’ve overlayed some raid music I listen to when raiding.  My apologies again for taking longer than expected to get the video up.

We should be attempting the Heroic 25 man in the next few weeks.  I’ll post that kill once I have the footage.




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30 07 2012
Big Bear Butt Blogger » Having Fun With Runs

[…] You can find it on his Restoration Druid website! […]

31 07 2012

I’m going to smack him around in seal form!

Guess who? 🙂

31 07 2012

Lol, Laia! Good to see you. 😀

31 07 2012

Great video! These Sun night ICC runs have been a ton of fun!

(side note: if you want, you can hide the WoW raid frames with VuhDo. i think it’s under the “general” settings option. can’t log into game right now to check.)

31 07 2012

Thanks; not sure that I’ve noticed that option or not. But I do use the inface from time to time to select party members. I’m not keybound at all, completely clickies (save for shift/control modifiers in VuhDo). Thanks for pointing that option out to me, though.

31 07 2012

Great video Goose. Thanks for taking it and posting! =)

31 07 2012

Not a problem. Thanks for dropping by. ^_^

1 08 2012

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