Mists of Pandaria Release Date

25 07 2012

Some exciting news just dropped from the Battle.net page earlier today.  World of Warcraft MoP’s release date will be on 9/25/12.  That’s right, we all have a solid date to look forward to and prepare for.  You can purchase the digital download right now if you want, or you can wait for the discs in store.  (http://us.battle.net/en/int)

What will I be doing as the date approaches?  Mostly just continuing to assist running casual guildies through Dragon Soul on Friday nights and not log on much the rest of the week.  However, now that there is a definate date, I may work on stockpiling all those herbs I’ve been threatening myself with.  I can forsee current cata herbs being used heavily by Alchemists and Scribes to get some easy and quick profession levels before expanding into the MoP herbs.

What do you planned to do in preparation for the MoP release?  Have you been steady stocking up on those cloths?  Perhaps you’ve just been grinding out for enough gold to purchase those new mounts  Whatever it is, share it below.




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