Day 04 – Your best WoW memory

25 04 2013

Continuing with the blogging outline, we’re up to a discussion of memories in Wow; more accurately, my best WoW memory.  This one is tough.  I’ve been playing for 4 years or so and have played with many awesome players.  To try to single out any one memory seems to lessen the others.

However, in the interest of not writing a book in a single post, I’ve reached into the memory hat and retrieved my guild’s Deathwing kill.

Where to even begin on that one…We had been working on Deathwing for a few weeks and having trouble.  Damage was unexpectedly high in areas, DPS was having trouble burning different targets within mechanic timeframes, and generally we were slow learning the fight.

On the particular night we managed to down him, we were all beginning to get frustrated.  We had had several close attempts but simply weren’t making it.  To assist healers with mana on the final pull, I had planned to get some Potions of Concentration from the guild bank….yeah, I forgot.  Our shaman healer (we were 3-healing the fight, it was not Thelon on this night) disconnected 5 seconds after the pull and did not get reconnected until we were about to switch platforms.

Once at the next platform, the shaman found out he couldn’t click any targets; turns out he had a UI error and had to reload.  Talk about being riddled with bugs.

Improper stacking on the fourth platform, lost a tank to the impales, lost the tank again to adds on the final platform….it was a nasty pull and by all means should have been a wipe.  Somehow, though, we managed to get the kill.  Don’t believe me?  Here, I has video evidence.  Enjoy.




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