Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW

23 04 2013

So already I’m falling behind on this blog assignment, but I have a good reason, I swear…..I’m now on two raid teams.  Of course my Druid is still my main, but I’ve started tanking for our “third” raid team on my Paladin.  Anyway, on to today’s topic.


My first day of WoW is a bit fuzzy.  I remember hanging at my friend’s house who had given me the Recruit-A-Friend invite.  Installing and updating seemed to take forever.  At the time I had only bought Vanilla and BC, stating that I would purchase Wrath later on if I needed the expansion.  Maybe I’d be content with just BC.  Oh, how naive I was…

The opening cenematic was awe-inspiring; I especially enjoyed the opening to the Night Elf race.  My friend and I had already decided that I would play a Druid based on my desire to play support as well as get up in the bad guys’ faces when needed.  I had no clue about the roles in the game and how exclusive they are once specced.  I was used to playing a few FPSs where I could go Sniper but still carry a pistol for close range stuff.  I am grateful that my friend let me learn a lot of the role related stuff once in-game; it may have overloaded me with everything else there was to learn.

We moved through the opening quests in no time and arrived at Darkshore.  Allow me to go ahead and say that Darkshore is perhaps my favorite place in Azeroth…well, used to be, before Deathwing had to come through and smash its face in.  I used to hang out in the woods on a little hill next to a waterfall and listen to the spooky sounds with the music on low.  Damn you, Deathwing.

I specifically remember dancing on the desk of the Dolanar inn.  We spent several minutes timing the lag so that our characters, both Night Elf Druids, would dance in sync.  A few other lowbies stopped and clapped before continuing on their way.  It was a simple thing, but it amused me to no end.

After that, the rest is history.  It took me nearly a year to level my Druid to 80.  I leveled primarily by healing dungeons, though I did do quite a bit of questing in Ungoro Crater.  Once max level my friend, another buddy, and myself formed our own three man guild called the “Wings of Fate.”  If you haven’t started guessing yet, Rhevyn/Raven was the friend that got me into WoW and Pheonix is the other friend in the guild.  “Wings of Fate” you ask?  Consider this:  Raven, Pheonix, Goose.  ‘Nough said.




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