Day 02 – Why You Decided to Start A Blog

11 04 2013

That’s a loaded question, there.  I read blogs a lot when I was leveling my Druid to find resources for learning my class.  Once maximum level and gearing up, I had my main blogs locked down and read their thoughts on the class and how they were working everything.  You would not believe the effort that goes into research so you know the ins and outs of your class and role.  Sure, anyone can heal, and a lot of people can heal good, but your best healers take the time to research what others are doing and get involved with that process.

I guess it was the getting involved part that lead me to start this site.  Sure, there were plenty of blogs out there, but I wanted, and still want, to be involved more with the core group of Druids, not just another one on the sidelines copying everyone else.  Not that everything I did and do are straight out of a guide, but I take everything I read with me and work it into my style.  I wanted the opportunity to give back, to be one of the guys relaying the important stuff about our class, and to put my own style into it.

So for I don’t seem to have been very successful in this blog or its goals.  I get tied up in stuff outside of my computer monitor and weeks will go by before I remember that I have a blog.  This stems from my own lack of journal keeping skills and that I haven’t formed the habit of putting thoughts onto…pixels.  But, every post is a step in the right direction.


What about you?  If you’re reading this and have a blog of your own, what made you start?  For those that don’t blog, have you considered starting?




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