Day 01 – Introduce Yourself

10 04 2013

As many of you may have guessed already from the blog itself, I’m a Restoration Druid.  I state it as such and not simply as a Druid because Restoration is my specialty.  I’ve played a pretty good bear (still do, at times), a decent cat in Firelands, and a mediocre Moonkin.  Nothing feels as second nature to me as running around the raid spewing massive amounts of green numbers of life.

In fact, I’ve been using my healing add-on, Vuhdo, for so long that I never even think about the buttons, barely even notice what my fingers have to do in order to cast the spells that I want.  Sure, I play other healers, Pally and Priest, but neither as as natural to me as my Druid.  Of course, my Druid is the first character I created and have been healing on him since he got his first healing spell.

Aside from all that, I like to think of myself as a valuable member of my guild, SummuS.  I joined the guild back in Dragon Soul and have contributed to the healing team since.  Between myself and my co-healer, we’ve pulled our raid group through some pretty sick stuff.  How sick, you ask?  Let’s just say my guild could earn the Darwin award.

And, well…that’s it, I guess.  I’ve always lurked around other Druid blog sites, but only recently fired this one up.  I don’t hold any real level of importance in the Druid community, but I have served as mentor for multiple druids that I have met along the way.  Maybe one day I can hang with the top brass such as Restokin, Falling Leaves and Wings, Big Bear Butt (what up, Bear!), but for now, I’m just blogging.




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