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9 04 2013

So, the Mists have risen.  Oh, alright, they lifted months ago and I never came back to talk about it.  I’m sorry for that, truly.  I wanted this blog to be something of a resource for other druids to read and peruse like I did on other blogs when I was leveling my druid.  In fact, I still peruse quite a few.  However, visitation has been low with less than energetic feedback.  It’s discouraging to write with the intent that others will read only to find that consistently your material is read by only 1 or 2 people.

So, that coupled with all the new stuff to do in Mists have been keeping me very busy.  In addition, I bought my first home back in October.  My last post was back in September, and I was only looking at the time.  So much going on.

An update on my end: my guild, SummuS, progressed mediocrely through 5.1.  We went 4/6 consistently in MSV, though we did get Elegon down toward the end.  I think we got Will of the Emporer down just prior to 5.2.  In HoF, we progressed to 3/6; Geralon was a bitch.  We never stepped foot into Terrace.

5.1 was an interesting time for Druids, specifically Resto druids.  I like to think I’m fairly well-liked in my guild; others will say differently.  That said, I spent the majority of 5.1 sucking wind for mana, gorging on Spirit food, addicted to Spirit flasks, keeping Innervate on cooldown, crying for Mana Tide Totems from my 2 Shaman co-healers, and always checking my supply of mana pots.  While very few of my guildies said much, I always felt like they looked at me with a sympathetic, almost pitiful, eye.  I had gone from one of the most powerful healers in my guild to someone that could do only half of what the other tw were doing in the new raid.  Hero to bitch, just like that.

Part of the problem there was that I spent the first month and a half tanking MSV, so I got a ways behind the other healers in terms of gear.  Additionally, I was up in the air as to which role I would ultimately perform this expansion, so I tried to maintain two separate sets of gear.  It can be done, but only one can be your “main” set.  When we did finally get another tank, I was already behind the curve.  Fortunately, later on in the tier I was able to get mana regen to the point that I could keep up with the others.  In fact, depending on the fight, I could even come out ahead.

Disclaimer:  Healing meters do not tell the whole store, as any healer will tell you.

Resto Druids were in a boat much like the beginning of Cata.  Our mana regen sucked.  We are HoT based, so our heals take time to work.  During the time our HoTs are working, other healers sniped the heals out from under us.  Raid damage is becoming large raid-wide hits that occur periodically instead of consistent low damage.  We could heal, but all the other healers (save for Disc priests, the Light bless their souls) could heal better. 

Time were dark; our branches sagged, our leaves dried out, our roots left without soil and water.

Again, much like Cata, we made our return to the frontlines once our mana regen reached a point that we could spam our main shit, Rejuvination.  Back in Cata, specifically DS, I had to TRY to run out of mana, and because of it I was always top of the healers.

Enter Throne of Thunder.  Dat trash….just wow.  Let’s not talk about them, let’s talk about the first boss.

I’m enjoying the first boss immensely.  Consistent damage in predictable phases, yet the stuff can still hit the fan is someone doesn’t follow the mechanics properly.  Stack phases with heavy damage, crazy damage, cool down blowing damage.  Lucy!  I’m Home!

So far this tier I’ve been doing well.  I’m consistently holding between 60-70k HPS, depending on the fight.  Excuse me, other healers of Azeroth, this Druid’s comin’ through.  I’m telling ya, if you ever need an ego boost, go into LFR (I’m talking to healers) and whoop some butt.  Yes, I know that LFR isn’t a place to learn to heal well, and I’ve written about that in the past.  However, it will let you see just how much output you can reach and the limits of your mana.  These days I’m doing as much as 200% the healing that other healers do in LFR; this means they’re doing 50% of the healing I’m doing.

Am I bragging?  In the words of Captain Picard, “Ya damn right.”  Seriously, try it sometime.  Go in there and blow all your cooldowns, mop the floor with the others….or get mopped, depending on which side of the coin you’re on.




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