Into the Mists

26 09 2012

Greetings, all.  Been a while since my last post.  Still planning on getting around to that Bear guide.   The Inconspicuous Bear has a very good write up in the mean time.

Oustide of that, work has been crazy over the past month, I’m working on buying my first house (Huzzah!), got a lot of work to do to the house I’ve been living in to get it ready for the next person, and I’ll be losing a week out of my work schedule next month due to a business trip I’ll be making to Connecticut.  Absolute nuts over here, but we’ll survive.

In today’s news, the Mists of Pandaria have risen and a whole new continent has come to light.  What were you guys up to for the first two days?  I’ve been slowly making my way through the quest lines, doing my best to read at least the cliff notes on the quests so I understand what’s going on.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate questing?

The opening quests were great IMHO.  I loved the cinematics, how my character was involved in parts, and the revelation of the Horde fleet.  Follow that up with some strafing runs with the gyrocopter (ROFLcopter ROFLcopter), and the chance to perform a HALO jump off the airship.  Nicely done.

I was concerned about how Blizzard would handle raids and the Alliance/Horde war in a land that did not wish to have a war, but I understood once I completed the quests with the fish-faces involving the retelling of how the Alliance squad got beat up.  Turns out the Horde have been allying themselves with the Hozan and there are already cultural divides existing in Pandaria.  Having not started playing a Pandaran yet, I haven’t come to see how the pandas are able to choose between the two factions.  A task for another day, perhaps.

And Poke`mon battles!  Er…battle pets…right.  This in itself has been a serious distraction from what I really need to be doing.  Leveling and working on professions need to be my focus, but who can resist running around smacking critters with my own critters.  I’ll never forget when my Guild Master was on vent with me and I mentioned that I was tearing up the low level critters.  “You mean I’m NOT suppose to be battling these level 23 pets out here?”

….”No, Tres, those pets are just you.  Have fun…”

Oh, and in-game battle NPCs to go up against?  Crazy.  Feel like I’m back on my GameBoy Pocket when I picked up Charmander for the first time.

So how about you?  What’s been keeping you busy these past days?  Have battle pets captured your attention, or are you able to put them aside for the next couple of weeks in lue of getting your character raid ready.

As always, leave your thoughts below.




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