New Arrival

29 08 2012

Thankyou Goose, for the warm welcome.

         Allow me to introduce myself.  On WoW I go by the name Phoenix.  As Goose previously stated, I’ve been playing the game now with him for the past couple of years and I’ve been a real life friend of his even longer than that.  Over the years, we’ve had a lot of great moments and a lot of moments of total fail as we went along through our instances and quests.  Prior to Goose joining the community, I started out as a Druid on the realm of Sen’jin back in February of 2008, so I never got the chance to do the content of Vanilla and BC in their prime years.  Since my start, I’ve gone all over the place from Maelstrom to Horde on Kul Tiras and Daggerspine along with Cenarion Circle where Goose started out and once gain back to Alliance on Sen’jin. 

          If I recall correctly, I started leveling a Discipline Priest around when Goose was leveling his first character being his Druid.  He was a bit surprised to see I put the money together to transfer my Priest to his server.  At that point the Priest kind of grew on me and I noticed myself playing that character a lot more than my Druid, so starting in Cataclysm I more or less put my Druid up on a shelf for a bit.  I must say, that was a deadly combination of healers back in the day between Goose and myself.  I still laugh every time I think about our raid leader calling him and telling him to get his tank healer back in the raid group.  It was funny, because we also had the lowest gear scores in the entire raid, by most considered too low to even enter ICC. 

            Since then I’ve broadened my knowledge to include Paladins, Shamans, Death knights and I’ve got a Rogue at about level 67.  That said, my primary area of expertise mostly revolves around Druids and Priests.  As we draw closer to the expansion I’ve debated more and more which character I should level first.  The vote goes between my Paladin, Priest, and Druid, all of which I’m quite fond of.  I haven’t had a lot of time lately between work and college courses to play, but I hope to get a feel for the changes with each class before the expansion actually drops. When I finally do, I’ll continue to put my perspective of each class I play up on the blog.  I’m sure Goose and I will have conversations and get feedback from each other as we go along.  But until my next update, thanks for the welcome.  Happy blogging.





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