Bear Guide On The Way

29 08 2012

Ok, so I started out today working on a Bear Guide for 5.0 today.  However, during research for the guide, I realized that some of my own assumptions were wrong and that I was not rolling cooldowns correctly.  I do understand now how to do it properly and the limits on those cooldowns, but I am out of town for a staff meeting tonight and will not be home until tomorrow night.  At that time I will go whip up on a training dummy for a bit and test out my rotation before completing the guide.

Of course, you guys could just go out and find the information for yourselves, and I wouldn’t blame you if you did.  But I’ve dug into some pretty hairy math numbers and charts and crap.  I will link a lot of the information into the guide, but most of what will be displayed as the guide itself will be the “got to know” junk to keep your Bear butt alive.

This new active mitigation tanking for MoP is going to be fun, I think.  However, I do feel that it is going to require cooperative tanks working together to maximize both their mitigations for peak efficiency.  I’ll explain some of that in the guide post.

And for those wondering about a Resto guide, it’ll come eventually.  Right now there hasn’t been a lot of changes in the Resto world, and the few changes that have been made I haven’t had a chance to test out.  Either my addon is broken atm or I can’t level to 90 to play with new talents. 

Until the guide, then.




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