How Druids Could Save Your Raids

16 08 2012

Many of us will remember back in Wrath when more than one Battle Rez was allowed in 10-man settings.  Many guilds ran straight druid raid teams strictly for this fact.  My old guild did not.  Just saying.

This was back in the days when I was part of Dragon Warriors, a guild on Cenarion Circle.  We never actually progressed past Festergut, but I won’t get into that.  We had the first set of bosses pretty much on farm and had enjoyable nights raiding.  My buddy Phoenix and I ran with the weekly raid, usually 2-healing the place (me druid, his priest as I recall).  He later brought his druid from Sen’jin and would raid with it from time to time.

There was another druid in the guild, Alik.  To this day she is on my RealID, though we don’t get much time to chat these days.  She was a Balanced druid.  Sylleye was another Restoration Druid that ran in the raids fairly regularly.  Most weeks we were not all in raid at the same time and rarely as all druids.

One magic evening, however, Sylleye and I were healing, Alik was rolling Balanced, and Phoenix as kitty.  We were tearing through the place and having a pretty good time.  We still had to be careful because even as accustomed to the fights as we were, a screw up would wipe you.  Well, a screw up occurred.

Now, I recall this particular event occurring on Sourfang, but Phoenix swears up and down it happened on Lootship.  I’m probably the one that’s wrong; usually on Sourfang I was too busy telling the other healer to keep on the tanks while I handled the raid and 4 of those Blood Curses or whatever that would tear up the DPS.  Oh, did I mention I was pretty kick-butt back in those days?  Still am, now that I think of it…

One final note:  this was back in the days when Innervate was crazy awesome and, when glyphed, druids could pass Innervates among themselves and be back up to full mana in no time.

Regardless of which fight it was, on of the non-druid DPS went down, Alik went down, Phoenix went down, and very shortly afterwards my co-healer for the night Sylleye went down.  I’ll do the math for you, 4 people down half-way through the fight.  The raid leader (Toonicky/Shaloon) came over vent and said:

“Alright, guys.  Let’s go ahead and wipe it up and-”

“Sylleye,” I cut in as I threw them a Brez, “get a Battle Rez on Alik!  Here’s an Innervate, give yours to Alik.”

2 seconds later and Alik was back on her feet.  “Alik, get Phoenix up.  Phoenix, you bring up (insert forgotten name).  Alik, give them your Innervate; Phoenix, give me yours.  Tranqing!”

Tranqing is a term I use to say I’m using Tranquility.  In short order the raid was back on its feet.  Toonicky came back over vent,

“Oh, hey, we’re back in this.”  We went on to down the boss.  Laughs were had, Druids were loved, I lost on the loot roll.  Go figure…




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