Pucker Moments: Gooooose!

14 08 2012

As I continue to explore the topics that I want to discuss on this blog, my time spent in ICC with Big Bear Butt and friends has brought to mindone particular funny incident.  This incident will be the first in a series of posts that I will entitle “Pucker Moments.”

Now, I am sure that most of you will understand the term “Pucker Moment,” but for those who may not, let me explain…you’ll know one when it happens.  That said:

It was back in late Wrath, just prior to the release of Cataclysm.  That would have made it, what, August/September of ’10?  Anyway, I was trying to get my first King kill, my raiding guild was turning to shambles, and I had never been past Festergut.  I managed to PUG into another group’s run and had a successful run all the way through Sinestra.  The group called it a night and I was stuck with a lockout at the King.  Well, you can guess what this Druid did.

Extended lockouts were still relatively new, and I put them to good use.  I extended that lockout for weeks, PUGing 5 nights a week and trying to raid lead through a successful kill.  There was a steep learning curve involved, both the fight and how to lead a raid.  Thankfully I had a few patient players that helped me out tremendously.

All that above is setting the stage for the real point of this post.

One particular PUG I had was really only half PUGed.  Phoenix was with me as feral cat, an old friend Sadie was DK tanking, and I think there may have been one more friend involved.  We had another tank (can’t remember the class) who had a terrible time holding aggro, and multitarget aggro was beyond their comprehension.  While I really needed my good tank, Sadie, on the King, I had to move her to the adds to keep them from running amuch in the raid.  She wasn’t happy about it, even once I explained that it was because of what she was doing RIGHT that I had to move her.

So the tank on the King was bad.  How bad, you ask?  Let is suffice to say that I had to tell the raid that the only two people allowed to do anything for the first 15 seconds of the fight was the King tank and me (healing them).  15 seconds to build the aggro they would need to keep the King on them for the rest of the fight.  Even then some of the DPS had to throttle themselves.

Phoenix had a particularly rough time of it.  Something about the mixture of feral cat and the way he built his spec made him a aggro machine.  Mind you he was not necessarily the top of the DPS meter, either.  It was during this learning period that I discovered the true usefulness of Omen Threat Meter.

“12….13….14…ALRIGHT, GO!”

DPS unloaded and the fight was on.  Things were going fairly smoothly.  Infest was healed through, Plagues were being properly dropped.  Check the DPS meter, should have enough overall to do this.  Glance down at the threat meter while I have a second…

“Phoenix, watch your aggro, please.”

“I was only pulling 7.7-”

“Phonix, watch YOUR AGGRO!”

The King became annoyed with the little kitty tearing up his tail plating.  DING!


Phoenixed Cowered with 1% health remaining and I went all out trying to get him back up.  A drop in output from Phoenix allowed his threat to reduce to normal levels and I have him the go ahead to unload again, warning him to watch his aggro.  Well…you guessed it.

“Phoenix, watch your aggro.”

“I was only-”


DING!  You could almost hear the King say “And stay down!”  I laughed, Phoenix cried, we wiped soon after.  This story is one of the “legends” that he and I still bring up from time to time. 

For those curious, I did eventually down the King with a PUG about a week afterwards.  I say I because Phoenix transferred back to Sen’jin (We were on Cenarion Cirlce at the time, my home server).  I was pushing my raid to get the kill as we continued to wipe.  We were recovering from a particularly ugly wipe and were just about to make the pull when my Real ID lit up from Phoenix linking me his achievement and title.  A quick ugly word in return, pull, and 15 minutes later I linked him my own title.  He still gives me a hard time about getting the kill before me…

Tune in next time for the epic tales of Throne of Tides and “GET ‘EM OFFA ME!”




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