Chat Time: Let’s Talk Battle Rezzes

9 08 2012

Battle rez, B rez, Brez.  The sound of those words are just…ahh.  Nothing like it.  I love having a battle rez probably as much as I love being a druid.  Let’s set aside the fact that druids HAVE the battle rez and take that sentence for what it’s worth.

Glyph of Rebirth:  Players resurrected by Rebirth are returned to life with 100% health.

Now, I’m not one to force talents and stuff on other people.  I will give advice, STRONG advice, but everyone has to play their own way.  That said, I really see no reason why any specced druid would not have this glyph.

I understand that glyphs help us do more damage, or in my case helps to increase healing throughput.  Usually there are two good glyphs for your spec and then a spare glyph for playing around with.  Yes, I know that you can fill up all three slots with glyphs that will have constant benefit.

However, I want you to remember that, regardless of your spec, you are a druid.  Well, gee wiz, Goose, that was obvious.  Yes, but one of the major bonuses of being a druid is the ability to Battle Rez.  “But, Goose, DKs and Warlocks can rez in combat too!”  Yes, but have you already forgotten the beginning of this post?  We get a Glyph that lets us rez someone and give them 100% health.

Now, from a Resto druid’s point of view, the advantage of this is plain as day.  Even as DPS and Tank specs we can understand the importance of brining someone back with 100% health instead of 20%.  Bringing someone up at only partial health is a strain on the healers. 

Just the other night I was in Firelands raiding with my guild and one of the DPS went down.  The Raid Leader called out for one of the DPS to bring him back up.  Before I could get in range and bring the guy up myself (I was healing), a soulstone was popped and the boss immediately did an AoE slam ability that 1-shotted the just-rezzed DPS.  We wiped, and probably would have wiped even if I had brought him back with 100% health.  However, the rez was wasted because the DPS was immediately killed.

Let’s look at this from another angle.  Let’s say that you have a few seconds before the next big AoE and you bring a DPS up with 20% health.  The healers are now struggling trying to heal this guy, diverting attention from tanks and other DPS to focus on this one guy.

Alright, enough lecturing on that; I’m beating the dead horse.  Just know that that in some cases it’s a life-saver, and other times it’s a quality of life thing.  If you are not Resto specced, your healers will love you for being considerate.

Now, RAID LEADERS.  Yes, I’m talking to you.  If you have a druid in your raid along with a DK and/or Warlock, you need to inspect that druid to see if they are glyphed for Rebirth.  If they are, use them over the other rezzes when heavy raid damage is coming/about to come.  During those low damage burn phases feel free to use one of the other rezzes.

I have heard Raid Leaders tell me that they don’t want to call on me (as a healer) to Rez someone because they don’t want to pull my attention away from healing others.  My response:  you’re joking, right?

If so much damage is going out that you don’t think the druid has time to cast that rez, I can just about promise you that the person rezzed will be dead in short order; you’re just adding another low-health person to the list of concerns for the healers.  Aside from that, I can’t say that I have ever been in a situation where somewhere within a 20 second period I could not spare the 2 seconds needed to cast the rez.  Even early expansion periods have periods, even in the high damage phases, where time can be taken to cast the rez.  And if it’s really so bad that you don’t want to waste GCD, a druid can macro his Nature’s Swiftness into his Rebirth and you do away with the cast time.  You’ve invested 1 GCD to bring a DPS up to 100% health, and the healers don’t have to activate the Kai-O-Ken technique to get them up in short order.

Final thought:  I also have Glyph of Rebirth active in my Feral tank spec.  Nothing like being the offtank and brining a healer back up.

As always, leave your thoughts below.




2 responses

17 08 2012

The glyph is standard issue on each of my druids. It’s also good for when you reach that point of no return on a tank. You and the fellows have blown everything we can and the tank still you know your fearless tank will go down in a cindered pile of pixels. Sometimes there is just no way to poor enough heals on at the same rate the damage is incoming at …

Pop a glyphed rebirth and you have them back at 100%. … nice.

17 08 2012

This is very true. Just remember to buff them back up afterwards. ^_^

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