Video Update

7 08 2012

Ok, so the video seems to have turned out quite nicely.  Had several bumps along the way, what with preview speeds sucking and all.  Tried to do a preview render last night but the program was having a fit with the WMV codec, so I exported it as an MPEG4…..huge mistake.  I can’t even begin to describe how terrible the quality/resolution was (even though I exported at 1080), not to mention the audio wasn’t matched up with the video.

But lo and behold this morning I restarted the program and it let me export to WMV.  Ya’ll let me know if you can here this on you end…*facepalm*

Anyway, so I’m working on uploading the video to youtube now, but it’s a 1.7 gig file, so it’ll be late tonight before I can get it up.  Looking forward to your thoughts.




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