Heroic Morchok

5 08 2012

So Friday night my guild (Summus) managed to get Heroic Morchok down.  How did it feel?  Awesome.  Simply awesome.  Understand that we’ve been attempting this casually for…2 months?  Something like that.  Never really had the right motivation, I guess.

But Friday night?  Oh, that bad boy was ours.  We wiped several times, mind you.  Some pretty ugly stuff as we learned the stomps and crystals and DON’T RUN TO THE CRYSTAL UNTIL AFTER THE STOMP!  Pretty good overall.

I off-tanking the fight.  Yes, I can tank.  I’m not as good a tank as I am a healer, but I pass.  So I was tanking, which caught a few of us off guard, me specifically.  I started the pulls and the raid leader, our main tank, let me rough him up good for some solid aggro for after the split.  I’ll tell ya, that first 10% goes crazy fast.  The boss splits and suddenly it’s “Why won’t this boss kite faster?!”, trying to get the two halves separate so the crystal drops off to one fo the sides (aimly mine).

For anyone who plans to tank this fight and end up having trouble getting him to move far enough before he drops the crystal, a trick I learned:  go all out on aggro in the first 10%.  When he splits you’ll still have very strong aggro.  Now, I was tanking from the beginning, so I know I had top aggro.  My raid leader was second on aggro.  At the split, I’m not sure if his aggro was suddenly top for his half or not.  I know the split that came to be still had a lot of his aggro, so I think his half may have had me still at top aggro and he simply had to taunt to jump his aggro well above concern that the DPS would pull from him.  I don’t know, I didn’t think to ask.  I blame the Rum.  XD

But when the split occurs, simply run to your marker and wait for him to come.  If you have a threat meter, make sure you have a solid enough lead.  So long as your threat is high enough, you don’t have to worry about the DPS unloading on him; just wait on your marker and let him come to you.  I promise it’s faster than trying to back up kiting him.

I will tell you one thing, if you’ve ever been a healer and are suddenly tanking, your eyes never leave the raid frames for worry about health.  It was crazy trying not to pop Tree and help out, but it’s a great way to gain confidence in your other healers, especially healers you run with every week.  I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I have only found a select few healers that I am comfortable with enough that I don’t worry about my health.  Probably just the healer in me.  But I’ll tell you, the three healers we had that night were awesome.  I can remember healing Heroic Morchok during previous attempts and it’s no easy task for someone not decked out in mostly 397s.

I did manage one nice heal, though.  My soaker got demolished by the stomp just before the black phase.  We all had to run out and thankfully he was close enough that I could battle rez him while we were hiding behind the pillars.  Did I mention I’m glyphed for Rebirth?  Nice.  So I waited until the black phase was ending and timed it so that my cast finished just as the black stuff was vanishing and the boss was swinging for my face, shifted back into bear, Enraged, and started spanking him again.  I felt pretty epic at the moment.  Druid multi-rolling at its best.  We wiped that attempt, wouldn’t you know it?  But we got him down a few shots later.

The rest of the night was normal mode, trying for a few achieves.  A few got the blob combination achievement, and we even got the Left, Right, Left, Right.  By that time we were just too tired to do anything fancy when doing Madness, so we just yawned our way through that one.  Funny, that.  A fight I can remember wiping and wiping and wiping on, pulling out every Resto Druid trick I knew of trying to heal us through it, is now a fight that a decent group can faceroll through.  Crazy…




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