End of Expansion Blues

5 08 2012

Ok, so I know that with the news of MoP being released in less than two months it’s a bit late for me to be talking about my end of expansion thrills.  But maybe this is a chance for me to remind you of something you intended to do.  Or maybe it’s an entirely new idea all together.  Maybe…maybe…

Alright, I’ll get to the point.  Exploration. 

When I was leveling my druid to 80 (Wrath era), I hated, HATED, running around everywhere.  Give me dungeons to heals.  Enough with the “get 10 bear flanks” when 4 out of 5 bears were apparently missing there flanks.  Speaking of bears, I wonder what they thought seing one of the own mauling their faces….

Anyway, with the coming on of flying in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, I started branching out and exploring some in my idle time.  Now, I like to mount up on a ground mount and travel from the bottom/top of one continent to its top/bottom.

(Edit:  As you read this, the photos appear to be cut off due to my page size.  You can right click and open in new tab/window to view the image without losing your spot.  My apologies for the inconvenience.)


Here, I started off in Moonglade and paid a visit to the Great Bear Spirit.  We caught up on recent events, discussed aggro issues, and worried about the new way that rage is handled in MoP.  Fun times.


Heading south, I quickly got lost.  Remember when I said that I didn’t explore much when I was leveling?  Yeah…  So I pulled over and got directions from Denmother Ulrica.  In exchange for her excellent navigational skills, she insisted that I visit the Emerald Sanctuary, so,


Here I am paying my respects.  Oh, don’t mind Ralph in the foreground, there.  He’s a nice chap.  Says he hangs around the well all the time.  Have fun with that, bud.


And here I am overlooking the Stonetalon Mountains.  It’s a decent place, but I can’t say I’d want to live here.  Remind me sometime to show you my Warcraft home.  Yes, I do so have a home in Warcraft!  It has a hut and fireplace and kettle and everything.  That’ll be for another day, though.


I pulled over at the well in Cenarion Wildlands, Decolace for a short cat nap.  It was a cool, quiet place and it just seemed like the perfect spot.  I highly recommend you try it some time.  By the way, should you visit, stare at those ancient guardians long enough and they’ll wink at you.


Finally, here’s a shot from Feralas.  There was a mean lookin’ dragon on the ramp leading up to this portal.  When he asked if I had authorization to be here, I smacked him over the head with my staff.  Funny enough, he didn’t get back up until after I left out…

I had to call my trip to an end at the portal due to some guild activity that was starting up.  Perhas another time I’ll finish the journey.

So, what are your thoughts?  Do you idle around in the capitol cities or do you roam about the world?  What do you do during these final days as the Cataclysm winds down?




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