Goose Igaly, Jedi Knight

27 03 2012

In a corner of my mind lives a world where Jedi and the Force abide.  This area comes to light during my idle times and I develop short “stories.”  These stories are in the form of entries similar to what my friends and I did in high school.  We had a binder that we would pass around and would live our fantasy lives and Jedi and Sith.  I learned a lot about creative writing during this time and find myself preoccupied with this alter world.  I have even begun to see myself as a Jedi, but I don’t want that to sound nerdy or crazy.  I simply enjoy the stories so much that when I take time to sit and do nothing (or, very often, when I’m on the road between store evaluations) my mind drifts and I live out my life as a Jedi.

Anyway, that said, I hate writing things that no one will ever read; what would be the point in writing?  I will be posting these as posts on this page.  In the future I will organize this site so that these are separated from the Warcraft posts, but for now, please bear with them being listed right along with the Warcaft posts.

Now some of these posts will be utilized in the world that some of my friends today are writing within, and others will simply exist as posts that may or may not have ever occured.  The events will have always occured in my mind, but they may not be included in the external writings.  In time I may begin posting the story itself here, but I will have to get with the other authers about that.

Bear in mind that these are posted in no real order.  Perhaps one day I will find a way to list them in some type of timeline.  So many projects for so many days…




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