Let’s Try This Again

28 02 2012

As you can see, this post is 3 months shy of my first post that began this blog. When I made the first post, I was in a progression 10-man in Firelands (though, strangely, we only ever got Beth down on farm…) and did not take the time to blog. My intent is to start off again and hopefully keep the motor running and the transmission engaged.

As a first real post, I’d like to share that I have just returned from 6 months of not playing WoW. I found that I was in the game like a full time job and that I was not getting anything else in my life accomplished. What needs accomplishing, you ask? Well, I’m now a year into my new home and most of the rooms still require remodeling and painting, there’s still some interesting wiring going on in the attick (ok, I ran through that spelling 6 times and that’s the best I’ve got), and a lot of trees that require dropping and stumps to grind.

That said, you may see occasional updates about these when there isn’t much else to write about. I will try to keep the posts external of the game to a minimum, but no promises there >:D.

So, hello, greetings, welcome, glad to be back, and any other greetings required/appropriate at this time. I look forward to building this blog into a semi-enjoyable read. Of course, no one is reading this now, but I hope that in time to come that I can become at least somewhat insightful into the classes and roles that I play.




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